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Kimden:  Gazelle Gaignaire <Gazelle@associationhq.com>
Gönderilme Tarihi:  23 Nisan 2007 Pazartesi 12:39:15
Kime:  "Ayla San" <ayla.san@hotmail.com>
Konu:  World Kidney Day - Ankara
Dear Dr. Ayla San,
Many thanks for your successful work on World Kidney Day and the information you sent to us. I know that a colleague of mine, Cordula Singer, responded to your email while I was away from the office attending a WKD event in Los Angeles, but beg me pardon for not having myself replied earlier to your messages (I was quite overwhelmed with a barrage of emails that came in around the 8th of March).
The large banner you produced and put up on the university building for the conference in Ankara is wonderful! I added the photo in slides or activities that took place around the world, and this slide presentation was shown at ISN and IFKF meetings in Brazil (which are conveniently scheduled around the World Congress of Nephrology). Beyond this, I am sure I will find other ways to "exploit" the photo ;-)
I have updated the description on Turkey on the World Kidney Day website, under the section called "2007 activities". The link is: http://www.worldkidneyday.org/pages/2007.php?countryID=49#down If you spot any errors or wish to make any modifications, please do let me know.
Thanks again,
With best wishes,
Gazelle Gaignaire
WKD Communications Manager
Tel: +32 2 743 4411

From: Ayla San [mailto:ayla.san@hotmail.com]
Sent: 09 March 2007 16:47
To: Gazelle Gaignaire
Subject: World Kidney Day in cooperation with Anatolia Kidney Foundation, Ufuk University

Dear Gazelle Gaignaire;
We arranged a meeting in Ankara with the topic of "Let's recognize and save our kidneys!" Our conference was wonderful. From 10.00. am to 06.00 pm. on March 8, 2007.
I will send you our program. Also I will send our giant banners' photos that we hanged in front of Ufuk University in Ankara.
On the other hand we celebrated "International Women's Day" by a photo exhibition with Turkish Women's photos.
Sincerely yours;
Prof. Dr. Ayla SAN

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