This is a renal disease (of the kidneys). Renal failure means the kidneys have stopped to work properly. It can be divided into two categories: acute (sudden and temporary loss of kidney function) and chronic (Slow and progressive loss of kidney fuction). Acute renal failure occurs when the kidneys rapidly lose renal functions over hours, days. This sudden damaging into kidneys generally can be recovered. Dialysis is may be necessary when kidneys fail to function properly. Reasons of acute renal failure are: shock, injuries, some kind of botulism, in some cases blockage into the vessels which suply blood to the kidney.

Chronic renal failure is a progressive disease which damages kidneys gradually. This situation may continue for years. The  progression may be so slowly and symptoms may not occur until the kidneys will be devastated.


Some Reasons of Chronic Renal Failure:

  • Inflammation and damaging of tiny, fragile filtering units within each kidney.

  • Inflammation into some parts of kidney.

  • Lower force of circulation owing to the damaging into blood vessels going into the kidneys

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Renal cysts


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