The 13th World Kidney Day Activities

The 13th  World Kidney Day activities were held in Yenimahalle Dört Mevsim Tiyatro Salonu with the cooperation of Yenimahalle Municipality and Anatolian Kidney Foundation under the topic “Kidneys and Women’s Health”.


Slide presentation on “Our Women” was held by Prof. Ayla San, MD in the opening followed by Turkish Folk Dance Group TUBIL, who displayed a variety of folk dances. Measurements of waist and body mass index were done by the health personal.


Warning from scholars


Former Minister of Justice, Mahmut Oltan Sungurlu, former dean of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Prof. Şehsuvar Ertürk MD, Prof. Ergün Ertuğ MD, Prof. Çetin Turgan MD, Prof. Siren Sezer MD, Associate Prof. Serpil Müge Değer MD, Prof. Sevim Güllü MD, Prof. Feride Söylemez MD and Prof. Ali Murat Zergeroğlu MD were the participants of the meeting.


Live Healthfully


President of Anatolian Kidney Foundation Prof. Ayla San MD informed the participants of sports, regular sleep, balanced nutrition. Prof. San also pointed out that obesity increased the risk of hypertension by 40% and advised ensuring our health by doing sports.


Include, Value and Empower


Because the World Kidney Day coincided with the Women’s Day this year, the topic of the activities was Women and Kidney Health. Prof. Şehsuvar Ertürk stated that the aim is to include women to social life, provide the value they deserve and empower them.


Women are luckier than men Ertürk added that hormons in women affect them positively in terms of both process of aging and process of the development of kidney diseases.


However, excessive weight, obesity and diabetes can be seen more often amon women


Hypernetsion is more widespread among women


Prof. Sevim Güllü MD informed the attendants of women health and hypertension. Stating that the frequency of developing hypertension has increased to 46%, Güllü emphasized the correct measurement of blood pressure.


Points which pregnant women should mind


Prof. Feride Söylemez MD stated that pregnancy led to a heavy increased affecting both the baby and the pregnant woman. Hypertension, preeclampsy –eclampsy- urinary infection, hydronephrosis, urolithiasis, acute kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, urinary incontinance are evident during pregnancy.


Physical activity decreases fattening and prevents loss of muscles


Prof. Ali Murat Zergeroğlu MD made a speech on “Effect of Sports on Women” and mentioned the impact of physical activity on health. Physical activity decreases abdominal fattening, prevents muscle loss and increases muscle strength, decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Discussing the differences between a physical activity and sports, Zergeroğlu stated that physical activity declines the risk of types of cancer, improves balance and condition, has a positive effect on obesity.