Curriculum Vitæ

Ayla San graduated from Ankara University Medical Faculty in 1967 and received Internal Medicine and Nephrology degrees in 1972 and 1983, respectively. She realized the first dialysis in the Eastern after she was appointed to establish Nephrology Department in Erzurum Ataturk University. She founded a dialysis center in 1984 and made Ataturk University among the frontiers in the country. She organized the second national Nephrology Congress and led to continuity of the congress for a long while. She worked as the only nephrologist in the Eastern Turkey, assisted in the establishment of many dialysis centers, particularly for Gumushane and Kars public hospitals, and trained many dialysis staff. She became professor in 1988. In 1991, she founded Tissue Typing Laboratory and  in 1993 she established Nephrology and Hypertension Outpatient Clinic. Ayla San worked in several administrative positions and also served as the Director of Internal Medicine Department for a long time.

She is a member of Turkish Nephrology Association since 1973, assumed responsibility of Eastern Turkey and also worked as a board member for the same association. She has been also a member of Health Ministry Scientific Committee  for Dialysis since 1993.

Ayla San has many memberships related to her profession both national and international, such as EDTA (since 1979), ISN (since 1981), NKF (since 2000) and ASH (since 2001), IFKF (1999), IAHN (2014). She participated in many congresses both in locally and abroad, and has 197 articles and  30 Nephrology booklets. She also edited 9 books. Ayla San gave speech in 37 conferences and joined 192 national and 72 international congresses in total. She took on Nephrology counseling in several magazines. She participated training programs in Istanbul University for 8 months, and in Miami Medical University for 6 months related to nephrology and   in Osaka National Cardiovascular Center for 6 months concerning transplantation and its follow-up. She also participated in nephrology course of Harvard University in Boston. She renamed Ataturk University Medical Faculty Chronic Kidney Diseases Treatment Foundation that she established in 1980 as Anatolian Kidney Foundation and relocated its headquarters to Ankara in 1996. She formed ‘Health, Education, and Research Center’ within the foundation. Four books of her, namely, ‘The Past and The Present of Dialysis in Turkey’ and ‘Dialysis and Transplantation in Our Country’, ‘Turkish History of Nephrology’ and ‘Turkish History of Nephrology- A Summary’ (in English) are published. Ayla San is the chief - editor of a 4-monthly periodical called ‘Renaliz’ that reached to 54th issue.

The 8th meeting of International Association of History of Nephrology (IAHN) held in 2013 in Greece. She participated with the speech on “Nephrological Knowledge in Turkey during the 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries”, published in journal of Nephrology, later History of Nephrology.

She is the winner of IFKF (International Federation of Kidney Foundations) Joel D. Kopple Award 2015. She won this award in 16th Annual Meeting of IFKF (9-12 June 2015, Tokyo, Japan). .

Also Ayla San has worked as the president of Department of Nephrology at Ufuk University Medical School (in Ankara) between 2006-2015. There she established a dialysis center and the Department of Nephrology.

Ayla San won “Special Award” in the “Award Ceremony of The Golden Men/Women from Gümüþhane” which was held by Gümüþhane’s local newspaper “Kuþakkaya” on April 15th, 2016.



  • Turkish Medical Society (1973-)

  • Turkish Dialysis and Transplantation Society) (1979-1989).

  • Turkish Society of Nephrology (1973-). 

  • E.D.T.A. ( European Dialysis and Transplant Association ) .1979-

  • ISN ( International Society of Nephrology) 1981-  

  • International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis 1986-1990.

  • M.E.S.O.T.  (Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation ) 1989-1997

  • The honorary membership of the Organ Transplant Patients Solidarity and Assistance Association between May 5th 1990 and 1995.

  • American Association for The Advancement of Science. (1992-1993)

  • The board member of Turkish Society of Nephrology between October 24th 1993 and 1995 responsible member of The Ministry of Health for renal issues in Eastern Region of Turkey between 1993 and 1998. 

  • Turkish Society of Hypertension and Renal Diseases since 1997.

  • The Ministry of Health Scientific Committee between 1990-1995 and between 1999-2002.

  • The National Kidney Foundation between 2000-2003.

  • The American Society of Hypertension between 2001-2002.

  • International Federation of Kidney Foundations since 2002.

  • The International Association for the History of Nephrology (IAHN) since 2013.

  • The Mediterranean Kidney Society (MKS) since 2015.