Our activities on World Kidney Day on March 9, 2017 have been completed and interest in the topic “Obesity and Kidney” was greate.


Prof. Ayla San, M.D. made her speech on Obesity and Kidney and informed the public followed by a slide presentation named “Türkiyem” with her photographs. 21.7% of men and 41,5% of women are estimated to be obese.


Assoc. Prof. Sebahattin Kocadağ, M.D. on behalf of Directory of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, informed the public of studies done on struggle with obesity and the current situation and precautions taken at schools to address the problem. Prof. Dr. Şehsuvar Ertürk spoke on “Obesity and Hypertension” to stop obesity and hypertension, struggling with risk factors, leading an active life style, having a balanced diet, avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption are told to be necessary.


Assoc. Prof. Serpil Müge Değer, M.D. spoke on “Obesity and Chronic Renal Failure” and mentioning the rate of obesity in Turkey, she highlighted the fact that obesity and Chronic Renal Failure is at a serious level both in Turkey and in the world.


Prof. Siren Sezer, M.D. talked on “Obesity, Diabetes and Renal Diseases” and the current situation in the 2nd open forum.


Prof. Gül Kızıltan, M.D. mentioned the measures to be taken in nutrition to prevent obesity in her speech “Obesity and Nutrition”. She talked about food groups and consumption of water, salt and sugar.


Ankara University Department of Medicine and Sports, instructor Prof. Ali Murat Zergeroğlu mentioned “Health, Kidneys, and Sports” highlighting the importance of doing sports.


Other activities:

  • Blood pressure,

  • Weight and height,

  • And body mass index measurements.

  • Survey on obesity have been carried out on 150 people from public by nurses and doctors with the leadership of Assis. Prof. Perim Özyiğit.

  • Informative brochures were distributed to all the public.